New Blog

I did something to my environment and my octopress setup exploded. So, I decided it was time to move on. I've been wanting to toss octopress for something less quirky for a while. So now I'm using Pelican with the Elegant theme. Pelican is pretty simple, though I've had trouble with the makefiles and fabfiles it generated. Rather than using them, I'm just invoking Pelican myself:

pelican content -s -t themes/pelican-elegant-1.3

Easy enough! The Elegant theme is the best I've found so far (it seems to be a pretty rarely used tool), but I'm not happy with its visual style. I'm still a fan of the Slash octopress theme, which I maintain. I'll probably end up porting it to Pelican, possibly with some tweaks.

To my knowledge, no URIs should have changed in the migration. If you find a broken URI, please email me. Cool URIs don't change. One peculiar change is that the 'Archives' link now goes to /archives.html. However, I have set it up such that /blog/archives is still valid.

My configuration is available on github if you want to take a look.