The Future of This Week in Rust

Given that I haven't written a TWiR this week or last, people have been contacting me asking if I have cancelled it. The answer is, emphatically, "no". Though I did have my doubts. I've thought about it for a while, and I've determined what I think is the best path forward for TWiR.

This Week in Rust is bigger than I am. A year ago, I was able to keep track of every patch and every community project, manually. I created my blog specifically to write TWiR. In the year since, I have become more busy (university) and Rust has matured significantly. When I started, there were really only a few libraries being maintained. Now, new stuff springs up every week. Don't get me wrong, this is fantastic for Rust! It's not so fantastic for me, however. I spend around 3 hours every week sifting through pull requests, reddit discussions, and mailing list posts. This is not a bad thing! I think it is very worthwhile, and the value This Week in Rust provides to the community is huge. A quick place to look for recent developments is great especially for people who can't keep up with the pace of development. So This Week in Rust is not going anywhere. But, I think there are a few changes to make it even better.

TWiR is moving to a dedicated domain, This will keep my personal blog, well, personal. There will continue to be a weekly newsletter, available on the website, via RSS, and (new!) via email. The newsletter will be more prose-like than the current list, and feature more interpretation of the last week's events, rather than just enumerating them. Besides this, there will be a podcast every other week (transcripts available, of course), for those who enjoy that sort of thing. On top of that, there will be at-least-monthly screencasts or otherwise-video media for your entertainment and edification. I am also going to start asking some people if they would like to write "guest posts" for This Week in Rust. If you are interested in this, shoot me an email. Feel free to write anything Rust-related (even vaguely), from technical to hilarious.

In addition to this static content, there will also be a dynamic page that shows important changes from the past time range. I'm still working out a prototype of this, but I expect it to be awesome. Snapshots of it should serve well to augment This Week in Rust. It will feature things such as voting on changes you find especially important or interesting, and space for further explanations and QA. All of this will of course be written in Rust.

So no, This Week in Rust is not going away. There is only more greatness to come! Your long-overdue dose of the old-style TWiR will come tomorrow (covering the last two weeks), and will likely continue until TWiR 56, after which I hope to have the new site ironed out and ready.

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